Free Pre-heat on the way home


How to get it

Sign in with your Automatic and Nest accounts to connect them.


Automate your Nest to react to your car’s activity so you never forget to set the thermostat again. Just-in-time heating and cooling keeps energy usage down and your savings high.

This integration lets you setup fine grained rules for your Nest to respond to car activity. You can ask Nest to start heating up at home when you turn on the car near your office on all weekdays except Thursday between 4 and 8pm. Rules are setup in the web-based integration page, not the Automatic or Nest mobile apps.

Note: The best experience with this integration makes use of the "ETA Pre-conditioning" action on the Nest side. This can be fully automated so you just set it and forget it.

Nest can also be set to ‘Home’ or ‘Away’ modes. However, because of policy enforced by Nest, these require a confirmation from you each time. You get an SMS and have to reply. Want things fully automated? Just stick to the ETA Pre-conditioning.

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