Free Easy tax savings for rideshare drivers


How to get it

Download the SherpaShare mobile app and connect with Automatic.


SherpaShare is a free online financial and analytics dashboard for independent contractors, currently focused on supporting rideshare and delivery workers. SherpaShare makes it easy to track your earnings and expenses across work, optimize your work, and now track your total working mileage.

With the Automatic integration, the SherpaShare iOS app tracks your total mileage and time worked, and syncs to the existing SherpaShare dashboard. Set it once and forget it. In the app, you can quickly categorize mileage as business and watch as your potential tax savings increase. The IRS allows deductions of all miles for which you’re in driver mode (57.5 cents per mile in 2015), but many companies only send you the mileage spent on a paid fare. With Automatic, all of your miles are recorded and trips that lineup with paid drive times are directly associated.This can translate into saving thousands of extra dollars in mileage deduction during tax time.

The link to Automatic is made in the SherpaShare mobile app, not their web app, though once hooked up trips flow through to all clients.

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